Do You Help Your Child Develop Creativity?

Give honest answers to the questions below and check yourself, if you were able to create a favorable atmosphere for your child to develop his creative personality.


  • I answer all my child’s questions in the most patient and honest way.
  • Do you take all your child’s questions and statements seriously?
  • I have a display of my child’s recent works.
  • I help my child to make plans and decisions.
  • Do you take the child to travel to interesting places?
  • I establish reasonable standards of behavior and require my child follow it.
  • Do you ever tell your child that he is worse than other children in comparison?
  • I never humiliation my child.
  • Do you replenish books and materials for his/her favorite activities?
  • I teach my children to think by themselves.
  • I read regularly to the child.
  • Encourage your child to invent stories, fantasies.
  • I find time every day to be with the child alone.
  • Do you allow the child to participate in the planning of family affairs and travel plans?
  • I never tease my child for errors.
  • I praise the child for any little achievement.
  • Do you teach the child to communicate freely with adults of all ages?
  • I always find room to praise my child in his/her studies.
  • I do not praise for no reason or insincerely.
  • Do you not rule out any topic for discussion with your child?
  • I give my children the opportunity to make their own decisions.
  • I encourage my child to the maximum independence.
  • Do you believe in the common sense of your child and fully trust him/her?


  • If you can answer "yes" to all the questions and statements -- bravo! You are on the right pass to help your child develop creativity, independence, growing up goal-oriented and focused on results.
  • If not all your answered are positive – there is always room for improvement! You can always look over your relationship with your child and your attitude to him/her!

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