Speech Therapists and their Vital Role in Early Childhood Intervention in Toronto

In cities as alive and bustling as Toronto, the thoughts and opinions of children with special needs and conditions are still unheard.  They have a lot to share but their physical or mental challenges hinder them. In this regard, a competent and professional speech therapist, Toronto, serves as a beacon of hope for these children and their future. In effect, opening opportunities for them in their community.Read More

Speech Therapy Autism Vaughan

Speech Therapy for Kids with Autism

Autism, often known as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), is a neurodevelopmental disorder marked by difficulty communicating and socializing. This impacts individuals in various ways, necessitating particular attention and care. Speech therapy-integrated autism intervention programs are happily available in cities such as Vaughan. These therapies are often beneficial in developing communication skills, improving language and social skills.

Role of Speech Therapy in the Community

For communities that thrive in diversity and inclusivity such as Vaughan, availability of these kinds of services are essential.Read More

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Children: A Roadmap to Successfully Conquer Life’s Journey

Every kid deserves to let their thoughts out loud. However, this does not come easy for every child. Some hit more roadblocks along the way than others. In cases such as this, speech therapy for children swoops in like a superhero sparking hope and creating a roadmap to tackle those challenges head-on.

Here at Speechlink, we've seen the wonders of speech therapy for children firsthand. Our awesome team of therapists mixes proven methods with fresh ideas.… Read More

Do You Help Your Child Develop Creativity?

Give honest answers to the questions below and check yourself, if you were able to create a favorable atmosphere for your child to develop his creative personality.


  • I answer all my child’s questions in the most patient and honest way.
  • Do you take all your child’s questions and statements seriously?
  • I have a display of my child’s recent works.
  • I help my child to make plans and decisions.
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Your Stubborn Child at Different Ages

What is  a stubborn child?

Stubborn children and stubborn teenagers are stubborn for unknown reason. Speech pathologists notice this phenomena and find solution to it.

One of the first words after mom, dad and give in the stubborn child vocabulary is "I do not want to". Immediately, parents should start paying attention to the wishes of their offspring. However, mothers and fathers are not ready to accept new trend in their stubborn child behavior.

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