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Developmental Delay in children may be identified when a child does not acquire important (milestone) skills on time as expected. These skills may include different areas of development such as:¬† motor skills, communication, play and social interaction, thinking or cognitive skills. Every child’s development pace is different, and its range of normal is quite wide. It is helpful, though, to be able to identify signs of possible developmental delays.

  • If you wonder why your child is undergoing a delay in physical, emotional, or mental growth don’t wait to find out. Talk to your child’s doctor right away. Early intervention is essential to help him or her make progress.
  • One of the types of developmental delay is language and speech problems. Speech refers to verbal expression, including words formation. Language is a broader system of receiving and delivering information, and includes being able to follow directions.

Developmental Delay – Possible Causes

A number of problems may cause language and speech delays, including:

  • exposure to more than one language
  • a learning disability
  • hearing loss
  • Autism¬†Spectrum disorders, which impair social interaction and development.

Thorough evaluation by an experienced speech and language therapist can help understanding and assessing the development of your child.