Cluttering communication disorder affects the ability to deliver messages to others in a clear way. Rate of speech, clarity of speech, and/or the organization or relevance of the message are the factors that make it difficult to understand the speaker.

Cluttering Communication Disorder symptoms

  • racing thoughts
  • rapid and/or irregular rate of speech
  • leaving off the ends of words
  • omitting or distorting sounds or syllables
  • difficulty organizing thoughts and/or getting to the point
  • limited awareness of how one’s speech sounds to others
  • tendency to interrupt conversational partner
  • words or ideas come out differently than intended

Cluttering communication disorder can often coexist with stuttering. As cluttering and stuttering are closely related fluency disorders, a speech-language pathologist with experience in the area of fluency disorders is often the ideal professional to diagnose and/or treat a cluttering disorder.