10 Secret Words to Know to Better Speak With Your Children

Below are the 10 secret words to know to better speak with your children:
whisper, maybe, sorry, stop, where are your eyes, learn, you can, be present, always, and laugh


Raising your voice is a manifestation of weakness. Moreover, children, particularly small, are responsive to the speech tone more than its content. How do you make your child obey you without elevating your voice?

It is noted time and time again that bending over to your child’s ear, having established eye contact before, and starting talking very quietly -- is the most effective way to get your child’s attention.… Read More

Your baby’s speech and language skills from birth to 30 months

From the time they are born, children start communicating. Very early in their lives, they learn to understand what you are saying and to make sounds of their own. They are beginning to develop speech and language skills. As a rule, those skills will help them to make friends and learn how to read. Furthermore, later those skills will help them to succeed at school and in life.

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